Pilates FAQ

What is Pilates?

The Pilates method is Joseph Pilates’ life’s work. It is a unique set of exercises that aims to develop muscles uniformly, decompress joints, increase circulation, and connect the mind and body. He designed his various pieces of equipment to enhance these effects, and to support the body in varying degrees – from highly supported to facilitate movement, to very little support to challenge it.

Who benefits from Pilates?

The goal of the pilates method is to optimize movement – who couldn’t benefit from that? The one-on-one sessions at Mountain Life Pilates provide a unique environment where sessions are tailored to what you need. As such, it is safe, and can be beneficial, for those with the following:

  • Acute or chronic injury (see below for more information)
  • Chronic conditions (arthritis and other inflammatory conditions,neuromuscular conditions, chronic back pain)
  • Nagging postural or movement issues
  • Post-natal
  • If you simply want to learn to move better, or challenge your body in a new way

I was drawn to the Pilates method for its ability to challenge and change a body’s movement capabilities, regardless of its history. We all have our unique set of strengths and weaknesses – from elite athlete to weekend warrior, and from those recovering from acute injury to those hampered by chronic conditions. I have been fascinated by how the Pilates equipment and method of exercises simultaneously uncovers and addresses any body’s unique habits.

What if I am injured?

Combining my physiotherapy background with the pilates method enables me to create individualized programs tailored to what you need. We will abide by rehab protocols in order to keep the injured area safe, whilst promoting muscle activation and balance, in order to maximize function for all stages of recovery.

Often, while recovering from injury, we forget about the rest of the body. Individually tailored therapeutic pilates aims to maximize the rest of the body’s function, and to integrate the injured area into full body function as appropriate.

Likewise, if you have a chronic injury or condition, pilates provides a safe and supported way to move. Full body movement increases circulation and tissue oxygenation, which in turn increases vitality.

In either case, the goal of therapeutic pilates is to help you think about your body in a different way, and to empower you through movement.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.