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September 18, 2020
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October 8, 2020
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Post-partum rehab week 6: who’s got the time?!

Post-natal rehab week 6: who’s got the time?!

It’s hard to get “me” time in.  And that’s ok – I’m having a great time hanging out with this little one all day!  But when do you get all the things you plan to get done for yourself and for your home?  I’ve found that planning to do things during his naps is the fastest way to get him to not sleep!!

Many times these past few weeks, I’ve remembered telling my post-natal clients, “Ok, so just find 10 minutes to lie down on the floor…”  I now imagine them saying in their head, with sarcasm, “uh-huh, ok Kate, that’s gonna happen!…”

This is still a work in progress – I am by no means a perfect rehabber.  There have been many days, and then stretches of days, where I’ve done nothing.  But I have found that getting at least some good, intentional movement in makes me feel a lot better.  So here are a couple of tricks I’ve found helpful…

  1. Breathing (always!) – breathing like we’ve touched on many times before engages the core, brings awareness to your posture, and boosts circulation.And it can be done in any position, +/- holding a baby!
  2. Go for walks:making sure I get a good walk in outside has become a super important part of my day.  The little man loves getting some fresh air too.
  3. Find some exercises you can do with baby!   See my Facebook page some of my go-to’s.  Holding him makes me hone in on my posture and core engagement, and he seems to like the ride! 

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