Post-partum recovery week 2: Just move!
September 3, 2020
Post-partum rehab week 6: who’s got the time?!
September 28, 2020
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Post-partum rehab weeks 3 and 4

Week 3 involved a video that was too big to load onto this site.  Please visit or @mountainlifepilates on instagram for the video and thoughts.


Now Week 4:  Some honest thoughts on patience

This takes FOR-EV-ER.

I have never had award-winning patience.  And I apparently did not develop any during pregnancy.  I have had many conversations with post-partum women about their recovery taking much longer than expected; how taking it easy and being kind to yourself are key.  I’ve talked the talk, and now I need to walk the walk… but it’s HARD to be patient!

There’s the suggestion that I need to appreciate what my body has done in creating a human, and don’t get me wrong – I do!  This whole experience has been extraordinary.  But now I want to feel strong; I want to feel capable; I want to have control over my body.  Appreciating what my body has done doesn’t take those feelings away.

In reflecting on why I feel frustrated, I think that my Type A personality just wants something to hold onto.  I’ve given up control over my schedule, my sleep, my emotions (!).  My life has been taken over by this little human, and while it is wonderful, it is a big change.  When my life has felt out of control in the past, I’ve always had control of my body.  And now that feels out of reach as well.

As I’m writing this it sounds very dramatic.  I am healthy and have a healthy baby – what am I complaining about?!  I think that because there is a baby in the picture in post-partum recovery, often we are expected to push feelings of frustration about ourselves aside, but I think that it’s important to acknowledge them so that we can address them. So this is me acknowledging these feelings.  Acknowledging them and moving forward… however slowly!


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