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March 21, 2019
Post-partum recovery week 1
August 27, 2020
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Post-partum recovery begins

7 weeks post-partum:

This is me, currently – sleep-deprived, slouched, wibbly-wobbly, and happy.  I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 7 weeks ago via emergency C-section.  The past 7 weeks have been one hell of a ride.  My perspectives and priorities have been flipped upside down; tossed around by all kinds of brand new emotions, feelings and experiences.  Certain things that I used to depend on have gone out the window – primarily my sense of control, and my body mechanics!

Body mechanics are my jam.  Among the many things I am fascinated with in this new world in which I am a mother, I am nerding out HARD on how my body feels!  I have been working with post-natal women as part of my practice for the past few years.  My work with them is guided by my education as a physiotherapist, what I can learn from books, courses, and the internet, and years of observation.  But until now I have not felt what they feel; I have not been able to layer personal experience into my teaching.  So this is what this blog will be about for the next few months.  I am going to rehab myself; put my understanding of the post-partum body to the test – the ultimate case study!

Here is what we are working with: note my posture in this picture?!  This is pretty standard these days.  My shoulders roll forward, caving in my upper chest, and my whole rib cage collapses backward, while my hips jut forward.  This is because my son gets pretty heavy after a while, so my body is finding the easiest way to hold him up.  It is also because I have zero abdominal activity right now, so they are not helping in any way to maintain this load.  I see all of this in every single one of my postpartum clients, because every mom needs to hold her baby, and every mom has a decrease in abdominal function.  It feels weird – my rib cage feels like a bobble-head, my shoulders and neck hurt, and where my abdominals used to be there is now a black hole!

So let’s get started!!


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