Know your core – Part 2
March 21, 2019
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Know your core – part 1

How well do you know your CORE?

It bothers me that Pilates is popularly known as “core strengthening”! There, I said it.“Buuuuut…. isn’t it?” you may be asking… And you are not wrong.

While this statement is true – Pilates IS a fantastic way to build core strength – it bothers me because I feel that it gives people an inaccurate picture of what Pilates is all about. And I feel that this stems from a whole lot of misconceptions, or lack of understanding, about what the “core” really is, and what it’s all about.

So let’s delve in to some facts and fictions about the CORE, shall we? So that we can CORE-rect those beliefs that are inaccurate, and AB-stain from those habits that are flat-out detrimental, and in the meantime let’s have some pun!!… I mean fun.😉

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